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No No No No, I am sorry but you are both mistaken. A Wobbly A is created when 2 men hold up a girl who's belly is facing the ceiling so her back is parallel with the ground. The girl's legs are straddled around one man's hips and her arms are holdin on to the other's legs. While one man enters her vajeen, the other dip sticks into her mouth. So when both men are thrusting, the capital letter A is created, but it so happens to be wobbly as shit.
Adam: "dude, we Wobbly A'ed the fuck outa that chick last night"
Lou: "Wobbly A's all day!"


John: is that girl getting spit roasted, in an inverse Eiffel Tower?
Lou: yea its called a Wobbly A bro.
by Skerry Skervanster September 28, 2009

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