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Small crap hole town in West Michigan, right off the highway surrounded my corn. The high school graduates about 150 students a year, some drop out or get knocked up. Usually if you are born here, you are stuck here. There aren't any fast food restaurants so you'd have to go a town or two over to eat McDonalds, BK, or whatever else you fancy. Most people have summer teeth or no hair. Bums seem to flock here as well as drunks. There is one motel, but I would not stay there. Not a lot goes on in this rink-a-dink town, but the kids that do get out and get a life, are totally amazing!
Dude: man, we had to stop in Howard City, MI to get gas. I'm glad I don't live there.

Bud: yeah I know what you mean, it's more like Howard Shitty!
by Sitting On Santa's Lap April 01, 2009
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