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Siskiyou County consists of Mount Shasta, Weed, Dunsmuir and Yreka and some other even crappier towns. Mount Shasta is constintly overrun with hippies and homeless. Although believe it or not, some of the hippies are homless. Mount Shasta City is located at the base of Mount Shasta, which flew over from Africa. Mount Shasta is right next to the town of Weed, Weed is one of the worst cities in the world along with Yreka. While Mount Shasta is infected with hippies, Weed is that way with white "gangsters" the normal citizen of Weed has not finished highschool. Yreka on the other hand is 90% barren desert and 10% Trailer Parks. Fact: The average citizen of Yreka has not even finished 6th grade. None of the schools there go beyond that. There is a city law in yreka that states: "Yup, bush lovin' huntin' folks may has to hair have buzz". The translated version is as follows: "Anyone who lives in the city of Yreka has to love George Bush, has to hunt at least 12 times a month, and no man is allowed to have a hair length longer than 2 inches. If by any chance you break these rules you will be shot on site. Dunsmuir is about 15 mins away from Mount Shasta City and is mostly known for it's trains and being very dull at all times. There isn't much wrong with Dunsmuir as much as other town around Siskiyou County, the mostly big problem is the very high depression/suicide rate and the fact the second you pass into Dunsmuir the sky turns immediately gray.
Siskiyou County, Mount Shasta, Weed, Yreka, Dunsmuir
by Siskiyou County Resident December 28, 2011

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