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Legendary death/thrash (early) and groove (late) metal hailing from Brazil. The band current's line-up has no original members left (although Andreas Kisser has been in the band since their second album "Schizophrenia"). Their early discography is full of pure bangers, the general consensus is that Beneath the Remains is their best album although Arise and Schizophrenia are also considered to be excellent albums.

It's a portugese word meaning "tombstone"
Example 1:

Metalhead no1: Dude, do you listen to Sepultura?
Metalhead no2: Fuck yeah man, Beneath the Remains is a fucking banger from start to finish. One of my favourite albums of all time.

Example 2:

Metalhead no1: Man, I just saw Sepultura last night, it was fucking amazing!
Metalhead no2: You lucky bastard, I bet you had the time of your life.
Metalhead no1: Fuck yeah man, the pit went crazy when they played "Inner Self", you should have been there
by SirDjentsALot June 28, 2021
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