2 definitions by SirChaos

A name used to describe and absolute retard who should not be alive. They are so stupid and can often be not ignored of the stupidity. God save the people who know an dimitrov.
by SirChaos June 15, 2020
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A word used in occasions when the person literally has no insults and small personality. They may use it to shutup the other person for saying something mean, or true, but the opponent that may use the shushh is likely losing (if in an argument) and has no defence. Basic loser
It is common for the 'shushh' -er to be combined with the haha but in which case, is not actually funny.

Roadman may occasionally use this, but it can be used properly with intellect.
"Hahaha SHUSHH!"
"hahahaha Shushhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!"
"What do you mean? You literally just said you dont want to play terreria and now you do lik-" "hahaha shushh"
by SirChaos June 18, 2020
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