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"Habeus Grabus" is a law enforcement colloquialism that is a play on the legal term "Habeus Corpus" (a writ/legal action/legal principle, through which a prisoner can be released from unlawful detention,specifically a detention lacking sufficient cause or evidence). While "Habeus Corpus" infers an arrest or detention is unlawful due to a lack of evidence, "Habeus Grabus" infers that an arrest and detention is lawful, has solid evidence and meets the legal requirements needed to press charges.
The trooper put the"Habeus Grabus" on that guy after he failed his field sobriety tests and blew a .104. -or- I put the "Habeus Grabus" on that dirtbag and gave him a free pair of matching stainless steel bracelets before I took him to booking. -or- That cop put the "Habeus Grabus" on that occupier who spit on him.
by SirBeavis December 11, 2011
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