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That unique style of pronunciation and volume of speech that immediatly identifies a person to be black. The Blackccent is special in that no other group posses an American (non-forgein) accent that identies any physical charateristics.
Jon - "Lately, my phone-sex life has been really unsatisfying. My cum is just dribbiling out instead of violently exploding like before."

Carlito - "Thats terrible! Why's that bro? Whats wrong?"

Jon- "Well man, 555-6969 just hired a bunch of black chicks. You know I've got that intense thing for asians and how I always invision some asian-american hoe on the other line.

Carlito - "Oh yeah, for sure. So what youre saying is that even if it was a white or indian or italian or whatever, as long as they spoke native english you couldn't tell the difference so you just always assumed they had a fine asian sideways pussy."

Jon- "Exactly, exactly. But yeah whenever I get one of these new colored girls, I can't even pretend they're asian cuz the Blackccent makes my weiner say 'No dude, I know thats a black chick on the other line. I'm not into that charcol vag. It looks like an overly ripe eggplant' Its really becoming a problem."
by Sir McPoopydoopy October 24, 2011
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