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Rockstar Games is a game developing company which focuses on "freeroam" style gaming. They try to capitalize on just how much you can do in a game while still boring you and all your friends so much that you're going to want to go outside and find something to do.
Oh you want to rob a store? GO FOR IT! But best believe the entire US Military and some are gonna be there to chase you down.

Getting beat up by someone on the street? PUNCH BACK! But wait, there the ENTIRETY OF THE US MILITARY IS AGAIN.
Oh, ok, you're gonna fight other players? Cool! Have fun with no skill auto aim to the head, styled fights. Oh and did i mention you get absolutely nothing from it either? What a steal!
In the end, if you want a game that provides you with the possibility of endless opportunity but somehow just gives nothing, Rockstar Games is the company for you.
Mother 1: "My little Jimmy hasnt stepped foot outside his room in 8 days, it's all that stupid playboxes fault!"

Mother 2: I have the perfect remedy for that, just buy him a game made by Rockstar Games. I bought little Johnny one and he hasnt come HOME for 8 days!"
by Shpoopid November 16, 2019

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