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One of no comon sense in the performance of automobiles. Thriving on mere stupidity, these comon motorists think by simply slapping on a huge annoying muffler, a misplaced cold air intake, adds in a few computer chips and slaps on an unpainted body kit, that thier once upon a time 'daily driver' has gone from a driver to a racer. In their subconcious mind the individual knows the actual limitations of their vehical, but due to the overwhelming cockiness that seems to gradually take over any modified 4 cylinder owner, their bragging and shere idiocy gets the best of them as they slip into an imaginary state of invincibility. This mindframe gives them the 'courage' to race almost anything, lose, and still come back claiming their automobile is better and somehow happens to be superior to their winning opponents.
Simply stated the word 'Ricer' is a noun often used to replace more commonly used words such as 'moron', 'retard', 'dumbass', and 'god damn honda driver'.

Common signs of recognition associated with the word 'Ricer' are as follows:
- Annoyingly loud mufflers
- Unpainted body panels
- Stupid tail lights
- Pointless body kits
- Huge un-necessary wings
- Crooked license plates
- Mesh grills
- Taco Bell
Passing by the Camaro was sighted a small lowered, annoyingly loud, eurolighted blue and white honda civic. Inevitably racing and losing, the little ricer managed to regain his pride by forgetting the incident even occured.
by ShowStopper540 June 25, 2006
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