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A variation of folk metal or power metal characterized through many thematic nautical melodies. It began with bands such as Running Wild in 1976 and continues today with such major names as Alestorm. The newest addition to the Pirate Metal genre is a band from Dublin called Wheels of Poseidon.
Wheels of Poseidon will be opening for Alestorm tonight at the Pirate Metal-fest
by Shoutin Will Bellamy January 22, 2011

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A licence presented by kings and queens allowing Pirates to legally and for a salary, plunder other countries navies and opposing pirates or privateers. Essentially its the document permitting and defining one as a privateer.

The debut album of the greatest Pirate band ever in the history and future, Wheels of Poseidon.
Sir Francis Drake was given a Licence to Pillage by Queen Elizabeth I of England allowing him to plunder the Spanish navy.

Little Jimmy got a Licence to Pillage in his Christmas stocking one year and was really happy because he really liked pirates.
by Shoutin Will Bellamy January 09, 2011

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1. Edward Teach (Blackbeard)'s ship when he became a pirate in the west indies during his early career. Used by him for less than a year but an effective tool in his prize taking He died at the hands of Lieutenant Robert Maynard just at the shore to his great ship.

2. A very good song by Wheels of Poseidon about the life and escapades of Blackbeard, celebrating his life, adventures and the amazing musical genius of Hans Zimmer.
The Queen Anne's Revenge docked in Corsica when Blackbeard wanted to pick up a few wenches for the weekend.

Queen Anne's Revenge became the number 1 download on PirateBay and iTunes because Wheels of Poseidon have no issues with copyright or people pirating their music.
by Shoutin Will Bellamy January 28, 2011

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