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Describes a human of the black coloration, or any shade of black who is in love with others of the same gender. "Faggot Mc'Gaynigger" is slang that only west Texans use, which is why the term is not heard often, because all the niggers in west Texas have been either lynched or painted.
"Mommy, I'm afraid to go to sleep. What if Faggot Mc'Gayniggers come after me?"
by Shortcake Yu March 23, 2008

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Descibes a man who is excessively in love, both spiritually and sexually, with other men. A queermofagxual is known to be "more homosexual" in the sexual sense than homosexuals, queermosexuals, fagmosexuals, and homoqueersicles.
"Hey dude, look at that blatant queermofagxual man"!

"I know! I bet he can place sticks in and out of small holes better than a game of Pegs."
by Shortcake Yu March 18, 2008

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Bukkagay describes when men are participating in a bukkake, but there are too many of these men (mabey around 15). Since there is only one female, the men must squeeze their hips together to form a tight circle around her. Thus, each man is essentially touching asses with men on either side of him, and some of them wonder if the situation is worth it at all.
"Dude, last night I was in a bukkagay with 12 of my buddies, and we had this really hot chick come over!"

"Um, you're gay."
by Shortcake Yu September 06, 2009

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