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An atrocity carried out by an uneducated, ignorant black person. Such acts include: robbing, killing, pickpocketing during mass transit, getting arrested for having tinted windows on your car, saying something ignorant or uninformed in a rap album, being illiterate, test failing, handing out your homemade rap album "for free" and then asking for money after the person takes the disc from you, asking for a dollar in a virtually indecipherable drug-addled voice, remaining in junior high school until you are too old to legally be obligated to attend, behaving like a drunk person while sober, waving your arms around as if you are a rapper in the middle of the street, playing music without headphones from your cellphone while you are on the train, walking down the street while freestyling to yourself, calling 50 Cent a lyrical genius, impregnating a woman and then leaving the state.
After a massive brawl broke out in the street from two kids fighting over those cloth loops found on backpack zippers, officer Leroy said:

"Man, I've never seen such an act of flagrant negrocity."
by Shitamer Jones March 26, 2009
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