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1. The act of saying something snarky without warning, thereby stunning the victim into silence.
2. The act of saying something snarky, then walking away before the victim can respond.
3. A cross between a snarky remark and a drive by shooting.
1. My in-law is the queen of snark attacks; she hits without warning then hangs up the phone.
2. Hey, what did I do to deserve the snark attack?
by Sher LeScott January 31, 2010
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1. The conversations you hold with yourself inside your mind.

2. The internal monologue we all run through in our thoughts.

3. Talking with yourself in your mind

4. Not to be confused with hearing voices...or maybe it is.
1. Hey, you internaloguing again. I see your lips moving but nothing's coming out.

2. Don't mind her, she always makes hand gestures when she's got her internalogue going.

3. Excuse me, your loud music is interrupting my internalogue.
by Sher LeScott June 10, 2010
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