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A large pickup truck that has a suspension lift. They are obnoxiously loud, and have smoke stacks on the back. Most likely has "Alberta Proud" stickers on the back window or the tailgate. Usually driven by inbred rednecks who like to zip through towns to see if it impresses their cousins.

Also a prime example of compensation...
Commonly seen across all of Alberta, especially small towns, like Westlock, AB
Cletus - Did you see John's new truck? I bet that'll finally get his Veronica to start dating him again.

George - It looks like shit, and sounds like shit though. It's just another dumb Alberta Special.

Cletus - Now listen here you city slicker, don't make fun of another mans truck, or I'll hunt you down with my big truck and put you on the wall with the rest of my prey.

John - But I thought your prey was family member's virginity.
by Shekels Galore July 05, 2017

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