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Daniela's are usually the most beautiful girls around. Extremely good in bed, and have a certain power over guys. Wheres Daniela goes, guys will droole. Often known as a slut, or whore but by girls who are way jealous. Daniela's love to party and party hard, they are definetly party girls. They are the best company. And always a good friend. Daniela's are really easy to fall for because of their easygoing and outgoing nature. They are extremely gorgeus, and have hot "fuck me"bodys. They're the type of girls that guys want, and girls want to hang with them. Extremely sweet, but can beat your face in if you mess with them. Daniela's dont take shit from nobody. If you piss them off, its your funeral. Anyone and everyone will love a Daniela someday. Did i mention theyre great kissers?
guy "damn whos that hot piece of ass??"

girl "aha, thats Daniela. Shes amazing in every way. Im really lucky to be her friend."

guy "And ill be lucky to get with her, thats for sure."
by She takes my breath away April 10, 2011

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