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The most amazing person you will ever meet. Shaina is a girl you can go to when things are bad. She will always cheer you up when you're sad and she's always got your back no matter what. Shes not selfish and she will put you before herself. She's a true friend. Shaina is also a girl who loves food but is really skinny, though she doesn't think she is. Shaina is one of the most beautiful girls you will ever meet, and is very kind and funny. Her family and her friends mean everything to her, but if you get on her bad side good luck turning back. Shaina is the realest person there is, and the best friend you could ever have.
Amber; Wow shaina is amazing!

Hailee; I'm jealous of that girl Shaina
by ShaysBffNighha March 29, 2013
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