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1. Drinking enough whiskey to be at the verge of passing out and then having sex. Heavy breathing on your partner is mandatory, vomiting on them is optional.

2. The worst thing you can do to someone.
1. Dan went to the bar and after drinking six shots of whiskey in ten minutes went to his girlfriend's house to have whiskey sex during which he breathed on her a lot and possibly vomited next to her.

2. Whiskey sex is the worst thing you can do to someone.
by Shavool December 07, 2005
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This maneuver is performed when a man takes a knife and slices under his pectoral muscles and inserts a pillow under each one. Now his chest resembles that of a woman. Thus, he becomes "Suddenly Susan."
After developing severe depression about being a male stuck inside the body of a female, Dan performed a surgical procedure on himself and became Suddenly Susan.
by shavool October 19, 2008
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