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The only way to escape that which is haunting your every move in life, and the only thing that can combat against the evil that one can only try to ignore through the journey to the end.

The thing that keeps you awake at night, yet gratifies you of an end to pain. The gift of life is matched only with the gift of death; for anything that can die had something to lose. Death is the start of the end, and it has the one effect of making others want to live more passionately. In a way death is the one thing that can save others, yet end you. Death is the one who taps on your shoulder; a metaphor for the beginning of the end. The death of one is said to either be the end of one journey or the beginning of another.

Death is, however, inevitable for one. Infinity holds the dearest thought that no matter what life and death will still live in balance once more after the inevitable journey of one.
The old man was near the end. He only had one more step to his life; and that was death.
by Shane G July 28, 2005
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