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Nickname for girls with the name of, Joanna, Jordan, etc. Jo is attention seeking but when in an uncomfortable situation can be shy. Does not have many friends but the people who are her friends are very close. She hates feelings but falls in love very easily. If you do her wrong she is not afraid to cut you out of her life. Watches sunsets every night. Hates mornings and loves sleeping. Doesn’t have much confidence in herself but pretends she does. Will act tough but really wouldn’t fight a fly because she is scared of getting hurt or hurting others. Jo doesn’t like her looks but she is adorable when she try’s to be. Has great taste in music but nobody knows where she gets her songs. Has good fashion taste but at the same time doesn’t care for her appearance.
Aww she is adorable-person a
Probably a Jo-person b
by Shakaoofshga November 02, 2018

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