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Liberal; (noun) 1.) a person who supports liberal or left-wing politics. 2.) Socialist, Marxist, communist or anti-American politics.

Liberalism; (noun) Political beliefs founded on irrational hate, fear mongering, intolerance and treason. Liberals are typically obsessed with the belief that everything bad in the world is actually good and everything good is actually bad.

Rather than basing their political beliefs on facts, truth, science or evidence, liberals generally rely on rumors, stereotypes, prejudice, fear, hate and illogical emotions. Those liberals in positions of prominence or power are experts at turnabout and blame-shifting tactics to avoid having to defend their baseless actions and propaganda. They typically accuse the accuser, blame the innocent and defend the guilty, while simultaneously claiming to be the voice of justice and reason.

Liberals have a severely distorted view of the human race, history and the world in general. They like to believe in a Utopian fantasyland where everyone and everything lives in peace and happiness. Despite 10,000 years of history and the ridiculous absurdity of such notions, they still cling to these childish wishes. It is ironic that the world would actually have a chance of living in relative peace & happiness if it wasn’t for liberals.

The harm they have caused and the lives they have destroyed are immeasurable.
In addition to being purely evil, Ted Kennedy and Rosie O’Donnell are liberals.
by Shagbajones September 17, 2010

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Teabagger; Slang; (profanity, vulgar) a (male) person who engages in the sexual act of inserting the scrotum or testicles into the mouth of another person. Any person who engages in the act of teabagging.

Teabagger; Slang; (offensive, slur) 1.) any member of the newly formed Teabag political party who’s members oppose left-wing and or liberal political policies including corruption, deception, mismanagement, racism, intolerance, leniency towards criminals, etc.
2.) Any conservative person.
3.) Any person who opposes liberalism, communism, fascism, left-wing politics, America bashing, etc.
4.) Any person who (or attempts to) support or endorse political, economic or financial reform and recovery for the USA.
5.) Any person who openly or verbally supports or upholds the US Constitution.

Ed; Teabagger; Socially unacceptable, insensitive and offensive word based on inaccurate stereotypes, hate, prejudice and intolerance. Equal in offence to calling an African person a “nigger” or a Jewish person a “Kyke”.
Joe is a teabagger because he is against ultra left-wing liberal fanatics in politics who have maintained a relentless agenda to spread hate and destroy the United States.
by Shagbajones September 17, 2010

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