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A cute girl with a lot of hidden secrets, and is sexy smart with boys. Her education is the top best, and she is very hot too, so a lot of boys like her. Every boy gives a damn shit to try to be friends with her, or even tries to be her boyfriend. But however her sexy smartness ignores most of them.
Boy#1: "Hey who's that pretty girl?'
Boy#2: "oh that one? The cute brunette? She's Antares. The sexiest of them all."
Boy#3: "wow. I've never seen somebody so cute before. Her cheeks are so puffy!"
Boy#2: "even better than the head cheerleader."
Boy#3: "totally agreed."
Boy#1: "I wonder how sexy she can get. Let's go over to talk to her."
by Shadowsoul April 22, 2019

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