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Rico is the player character in the Just Cause series. He has gotten famous for overthrowing multiple governments and making everything you can possibly see explode. One of his signature weapons, a grappling hook, can tether basically anything together to make some tactical (albeit impractical and sometimes hilarious) maneuvers. He can also use the grapple with his infinite parachute (and in the third game, his wingsuit) to potentially fly forever. In the third game, he acquired another infinite tool: unlimited and unrestricted remote explosives.

You'd better hope you aren't a tyrannical dictator, because if you are, he'll come for you and all of your stuff.
If you're playing as him, have as much fun as you want.
Rico Rodriguez is here, and he's got a nuke! Run for your lives!
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by ShadowValkyrie November 20, 2018

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