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when a chik queefs so loud and so volumeous that is becomes living and usually reaks havic on neighboring cities and sometimes states depending on the exact volume of the queef persay.
They are not to be fucked with; THEY WILL WIN
Dude i will not forgive your skankass ho of a girlfriend. She gave birth to that queefasaurous who ended up killing my parents, not cool.
by Sethy247 August 07, 2007
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actual shit used for glue when stranded on an island;
actual shit used as a substitute for glue when one is lazy
Yo mike, get that rat out of your ass and pass me some anus paste; i'm finishing my mothersday card but i ran out of glue.

person 1: Yo Fred why u got that paintbrush wedged up your ass?
person 2:Uh i'm outa glue and i'm getting some anus paste shitlips!
Person 1:Ohh i'm sorry don't tell the guys at school i didn't know?
Person 2: Only if you eat my anus paste.
PErson 1: fine
by Sethy247 August 07, 2007
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A girl who is a bitch but hot. Usually one out of a group of friends drags the others to the Vagina Mcginesteen's house. The person who drags his friends along is just looking to score, NOTHING ELSE.
The friends being dragged along hate the Vagina McGinesteen, therefore they change her name to Vagina Mcginesteen.
Person 1: Dude can you believe Seth dragged our fat asses to Vagina Mcginesteen's house. She is such a btich.
Person 2: Ya but she is hot. I still hate her.
by Sethy247 August 06, 2007
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