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1. one who is only attracted to their friends' hot moms. Inspired most notably by the Sean Connery character in SNL celebrity jeopardy, where Connery repeatedly implies he is having sex with Trebek's apparently whorish mother. Coined by Posterson.
2. a term used to describe people obsessed with making jokes about one's mother
Alex: "Man, I had such a rough time today..." (interrupted)

Chris: "Your mom took it rough with me last night!"

Alex: "Man you're so full of it..."

Chris: "Just like your mom was full of my cock!"

Alex: "Wow, what a douche, why don't you go fuck yourself bitch."

Chris: "Well she was going to until I showed up and told that skank to take it."

Alex: "You're such a milfosexual, fuck off."
by Scotty Con Queso November 20, 2007

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The University Of Florida, where free speech is not included. If you ask the wrong questions, you will be shocked. When this occurs your fellow students will not assist you in any way, prompting the illustrious TV pundit, Stephen Colbert, to call out your student body as a bunch of submissive cowards.
FSU student "Dude, I heard Justin went to UF"
USF student "Lol, I hope he doesn't ask the wrong questions, he just entered the Taser Nation"
by Scotty Con Queso September 26, 2007

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