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Quite simply, an on-the-go, constantly moving from town to town, easily exploitable slut. This combines the slang term "ho" (prostitute) with the word "nomad" (one who's always traveling and never settles permanently). A homad usually exhibits trashy, attention-craving, stripper-like characteristics. While being attractive in a "big flashing red arrow pointed towards my snatch" kind of way, they will usually have a background filled with physical abuse, sexual abuse, and "daddy issues" in general, all of which could be one in the same. This starts the self destructive lifestyle of moving from town to town, living for free with men who fuck them for rent, and the slow erosion of anything good or pure about them. Such, is the homad.
My friend and his girlfreind, who'd been together for two years, both worked at WalMart. A random "homad" got a job there too. She displayed all of the standard homadic traits, and when she saw that my buddy already had a girlfriend, she struck! Her lack of roots and self-worth led her to send my friend pictures of her titties and offered for him to do anything he wanted to her. When my friend's girlfriend found out, they broke up. Meanwhile, the homad met some guy at a bar, had sex with him, and they moved to Reno the next day. TEXTBOOK HOMAD!
by Scott Kennedy May 08, 2008
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