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A popular media device designed and marketed by apple computers. Considered to be the predessor to large capacity multimedia devices it is the most popular form of portable mp3 listening machines. Released in 2001 shortly after the return of CEO, Steve Jobs, the iPod has over 80% worldwide marketshare thanks in part to the device's wide spread advertising campaign. With many lacking features, it has become target to the "geek sub-culture" for ridicule and "lameness". However with such popularity iPod has become the world's most prelevlant portable multi-media device and hence has received brand association with all types of multi-media devices and mp3 players.
1. person a: "Hey is that an iPod?"
person b: "No, it's just a mp3 player."

2. "I just downloaded this kickass tune from White snake on my iPod."
by Scorpi0n August 25, 2006

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