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A period of time when something cannot be done. Antonym of "window of opportunity". A slightly sarcastic phrase drawing on its opposite meaning of a common phrase.
We dont have data for May, thats a huge hole in our marketing campaign. May is a window of inopportunity!
by Savalkan June 12, 2008
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To slow walk is to perform a task slowly on purpose so as to drag out the time taken, usually in order to delay what the subject believes will occur next.
"Quit slow walking me!" - Quote from the TV show "Prison Break" (a prison guard instructing the prisoners to hurry up with their work, the prisoners were delaying as they used work-time as a cover for their escape)

Whilst a child might "drag his heels" when eating his dinner because he doesnt like it; an adult might be said to "slow walk".

Whilst workers might be said to be on a "go slow", that might be more of an organised event involving more than one person. Slow walking would more typically be one person slow walking another rather than an institution.
by Savalkan May 27, 2008
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