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The best drug I have ever tried- NOTHING can compare.
Things feel so soft and you'll want to touch everything.
When I pop E, I feel a closness with others and love having deep converstations. I will tell you ALL my secrets.
You feel so peaceful and feel very accepted.
Light shows and rave music are a must.
Get someone to give you a massage with lotion, it'll be amazing.
Don't forget to drink a lot of water, and vitamins increase you're high.

I used to be very much against this drug, but I've realized it's not as bad as people make it out to be.
Sure, it kills your brain; be smart about it. Don't pop E every day. I did it my first time 7 weeks ago, and I've done it every week since.
I have met so many new people, and came close to friends because of this drug.
The next day you'll feel like shit, we call that the "batman" comedown.
I'm down for that ecstacy shit.

"Are we rollin tonight or what?"
"Yeah, I'll bring the glowsticks."


"It's time to pop some thizzles."
by Sasha N June 17, 2008

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