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Guatemalan girls, are better then most girls form Central America. They are super pretty, and even though they are short they always know how to have a fun! Everyone needs a gaute girl in their life! They are super close to their familia and have over controlling brothers & fathers!. They love to cook, and dance. Parties, and love to drink the unique taste of the Guatemalan beer Gallo! You'll always see a guatemalan girl smiling. Their the life of the fiesta!

Yo, whos ur new amiga?
She be a guatemala chica.
Shes a guatemalan girl?
Hell yeaa! You gotta love them Guatemalan girls
Hay siiii, you gotta love a guatemalan girl!

Ya tu sabes!

be careful with her brother you know..
I hear you, dem lokos be controlling!
by Sarieee la loka June 16, 2010
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