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San Beaner Negro is a racist way of saying San Bernardino. (as in San Bernardino, California) blacks and browns proudly populate the inland empire thus making "San Beaner Negro"
****Ey lets go to San Beaner Negro to kick it with Juan and Boquisha on Saturday!
****MoS Def!
by Sarah (GiGGLeS) April 17, 2008

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a faux bo is a hobo (homeless person) who doesnt look like a hobo.
faux bo's might have certain possesions that make you wonder if they are actually hobos.
that hobo has an iPod! That has got to be a faux bo.
by Sarah (giggles) April 10, 2008

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Minnie Mouse is an extremely fat girl who lets her fat hang out of her pants. The belly is the minnie mouse head and the titties are the ears.
Eww, here comes Minnie Mouse she needs to tuck that shit in!
by Sarah (GiGGLeS) April 17, 2008

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