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Citi Field is the name of the new stadium for the New York Mets. In 2006, Citigroup Inc. paid $400 million for the naming rights, the most expensive sports-stadium naming rights agreement ever.
Located just steps from the old venue (Shea Stadium), Citi Field is currently under construction, and will be ready by Opening Day 2009.
Though smaller than Shea, CF will have more amenities and luxuries, such as wider seats, more restaurants, more elevators, and a state-of-the-art entrance to be named The Jackie Robinson Rotunda. The stadium was to be the Olympic Stadium had NYC won its bid to host the 2012 Summer Olympic Games, but London ended up winning the competition.
Attending a game at Citi Field will be more expensive than one at Shea. Everything from the game ticket, parking spaces and food will increase in price by 2009. This will occur despite the fact that Met fans already spend the most per game than any other fans in the MLB National League. Because of this, as well as discontent with the mediocre design of the stadium, many fans have begun to refer to the venue as "Shiti Field."
P1: "So what do you think about the new Citi Field?"
P2: "I think it's shitty, or shall I say, Shiti."
P3: "Why?"
P2: "Because I can't afford it."

by Sapa Inca December 11, 2007

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