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Straight outta Philly, one of the best rappers out there. Many think "I Love College" is what he's all about. Not true. All his true fans know that Asher is the deepest out there and he is much more than "I Love College." Don't think he's deep? Just listen to: G.R.I.N.D.; You Are You; A Milli; Just Listen; etc. Never discriminates. Cares about change, cares about people and the world. Likes to party hard, but hey, who doesn't? Some are haters, others say he's the most legit out there.
Think what you want. Ash is Ash. Real man, won't change for anyone or anything.
Girl 1: Hey do you know bout Asher Roth
Girl 2: Oh, you mean the most real and legit rapper out there?
by SandSloveAsh July 28, 2010

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