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“Err” or “ERR” pronounced either “Errrrrrrrrrrrrr” or “Urrrrrrrrrrrrr” is a loudly fashion depending on whom is around.

“MASSIVE ER!” can be used the "massive" prefix is used to note appreciation/acknowledgement for someone.
Never know how to express your emotions for someone or something just add the three letter word “err” to the beginning of your sentence i.e. “ errrrrr FAT BITCH” or in a kind way “ER that girl is mega fit” . The word MASSIVE can be used to describe a big and loud ER i.e. “MASSIVE HAIRY FAT CUNT” here are some examples below.
Carl “SanJ I have just defeated Ruby Weapon on Final Fantasy VII!”
SanJ “ERRR MASSIVE Ruby Weapon!!”
This indicates that SanJ is happy that Carl defeated Ruby Weapon on Final Fantasy VII

Here is different example
SanJ” Carl that new girl Charlotte is well fit I think I might ask her out”
Carl “no she’s fat SanJ ERRRR MASSIVE CHARLOTTE”

Here you can see different versions of ER used for good and bad here is another example

SanJ: "Where's MASSIVE MATT R?" (Indicates SanJ is concerned for Matt R's welfare)
"Where's Matt R" would not have the same heartfelt concern.

"MASSIVE" can be either a positive or negative connotation when discussing 'biatcheZ'. E.G. "ERR MASSIVE OWL" would indicate Cara Bentham is a horrifically ugly pug-faced douche. Whereas "MASSIVE DAVENPORT" would indicate Davenport is very fit.
by SanJ & Carl March 23, 2008

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