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An adjective describing one's intense obsession with or focused interest in hentai; highly specific to hentai, literally a combination of hentai and mental.
"Dude, she is truly hental over that anime porn..."
"I am going completely hental with desire because of this happy hentai."
by Samantha (Boomsass!) October 09, 2006
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referring to a part of one's body which is unable to support the adhesives on a band-aid due to a natural curvature.
"I sliced the shit out of my elbow and the cut is unbandaidable because every time I bend my elbow, the band-aid flies off uselessly."
"I am so pissed that I cut myself shaving, my knee is completely unbandaidable."
by Samantha (BoomSass!) October 16, 2006
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