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The PS3 is a fairly decent multi-media console which tries to do too much and causes the games to take far too much time and money to make, but no console is perfect, yet somehow it has become a good excuse for fanboys to argue constantly with Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii (two rival games consoles) owners because it seems that people don't have enough things to complain and argue about, and have found out that entertainment systems are a great way to start arguments. An interesting example being that Sony quite wisely changed the original controller shape from "shiny double-penetrator" to "exactly the same as the PS2 controller" but some people refuse to accept this, because their denying of the truth is a clever trick to win arguments somehow.
"hey, i got a PS3, are you getting one as well?"
"fuck you, it's one of the ugliest consoles ever made offering wireless dildos for controllers and the console looks like the next George Foreman grill and it's made by a company (Sony) that puts spyware in their music CD's that makes peoples computers vulnerable to..."
"what the smeg?, I just want to play some damn games, not choose an allegiance in some never-ending fanboy war"
by SamSloth October 29, 2007
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