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An excuse for the incalcuably irrational actions of females under the age of 24.

The word is also used exclusively used by females under the age of 24. The most frequent use of the work occurs in the captions of MySpace or Facebook photos. These photos often times depict the subject participating in a seemingly odd or meaningless scenario with a peer.

In a more self-indulgent exhibits the word can be as a cover up for the obvious vanity associated with "artistic" or close up shots of body parts (e.g. lips, eyes, midsection, etc.) In this sense the word "randomness" becomes synonymous with the phrase "I have no explaination for these pictures other than the fact that they are a vain masterbation designed to stroke my own ego."

See masterphoter for an explanation of internet photography.
LOL What are we doing in this picture? OMG Randomness
by Sam Keeler March 06, 2008

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