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In Sheflandian culture, a gesture made when parting ways with a friend. While parting, each member points at the other with the wrist turned upwards and the index finger extended, as if to make a gun with just one's index finger. Then simultaneously, each member "shoots" the other with a sharp upwards cock of the wrist and proclaims "beuw!". It is pronounced subtly yet sharply- it is not screamed or just merely said. It takes years of practice to perfect the Beuw, and few have succeeded in mastering this art.
(while parting ways with each other)

Big Sam: I'll see ya later, Shef.
Shef: later, dude.
Big Sam: Hey Shef!
(Shef looks at Big Sam)
Big Sam and Shef: Beuw!
by Sam In A Bag October 18, 2006

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