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*Boblilf is not a person, but an acronym for Broken Off Barbie Leg I'd Like to Fuck. However, as a word, boblilf has many meanings...

(n)Anyone who is so extremely sexually deprived that he or she must resort to bizarre methods in order to acheive sexual pleasure and satisfaction. Some of these freakish techniques include making a fake pussy with a plastic baggy and vasoline, tampons up the rear,electric toothbrushes,and frolicking in an open field naked.
(n) The act of sticking random objects up one's rear.
(v) To forcefully shove any random object up one's rear.
(v) To perform a sexual act with oneself that may be considered very very VERY strange.
(n) Oh lordie! That lad who is putting a flagpole up his rear is a total boblilf.

(v) I don't want to touch these drumsticks...Freddie was definitely boblilfing them last night.
by Sally Doobop June 28, 2006
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