2 definitions by SJS 3

When something (usually in a group of things) is so awesome that it makes everything around it seem bad. This cool thing could be described as "hoarding teh awesome."
Mike: "That new CD I bought isn't very good. The first track was so kickass that all the other songs on the CD seemed awful by comparison."

Steve: "That song was totally hoarding teh awesome."
by SJS 3 September 24, 2008
The act of, upon being hungry while at someone's house, searching their kitchen for food while they're busy doing something. This is usually done without the person knowing about the act until it has been carried out (i.e. not until you've started eating their food).
While everyone was getting fucked up at Justin's house, Tom used his kitchen-raiding skills to gather pizza from Justin's fridge without him knowing about it.
by SJS 3 September 14, 2008