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The Sport version of the Ford Taurus. SHO stands for Super High Output.

(Pronounced: Show)

It is also known as "the ultimate sleeper", because no one would expect a 4 door family sedan to be able to put up a good race. Of course, back when the SHO was built, it wasn't all that common to see 15 second cars on the road, at least none that weren't expensive or heavily modified.

The SHO has made a reputation for itself, for having a very efficient Yamaha built 3.0L (89-95) (3.2L for Automatics) engine. With very little mods the SHO is capable of putting up a race against most corvettes of the day.

The SHO was discontinued in 1999 by Ford. Currently SHO enthusiasts are trying to convince Ford to bring back the Taurus SHO, now that the Taurus has been reintroduced into the market.

Remember to SHOfear
That ricer honda didn't expect to get smoked by a SHO.

If you want to hustle a good race, get a SHO, no one will expect a 4-door sedan to pull like a sports car!
by SHOgun August 04, 2007
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