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The act of adhering - in the first person.
Igloo Me Epoxy
by Sas January 23, 2004
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a horny untalented 12cent hoe, who's carreer is based on her sexiness (and she isnt sexy) and is also based on christina aguilera;s every move, she copies her in everything, and she is jealous of xtina and jessica simpson cuz they're more talented and hotter than she is, and she masturbates on christina and jessica and madonna, she should be christina's slave, christina will kick her ass and make her kiss her feet...
britney in a club: hey there goes christina, write down her eerymove and what she's wearing so i can copy her and bring me one of her used thongs i want to smell it and lick it. meanwhile i'll go beg madonna and jessica simpson to fuck me.
by SAS February 02, 2005
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a goddess who is the true pop princess and is extremely beautiful and sexy unlike the ugly bimbo britney spears who wants christina to fuck her but christina is too classy for a hoe like her, i wish christina and jessica simpson would be a couple and make britney their maid.
britney: i love u christina please fuck me or at leat finger me...
christina: no i dont want u u ugly bitch.
christina gives her a wedgie and pills her hair and makes her kiss her beautiful ass and then slams her into the ground, then jessica simpson shouves her boot up her ass.
britney: oh christina, im sorry, im ur slave.
by SAS February 02, 2005
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