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possibly one of the tightest motors that is affordable for nissans in America. Very popular swap put into 240sx's. will smoke ANY honda (especially that boosted vtec shit), and even has the potential to beat other popular cars such as Rsx, WRX, and Evo. Some mistakenly claim that KA-T's are faster and more reliable. RB motors are also very cool motors with potential like SR's but they are rarer and harder to swap. If you are serious about street racing without having a super expensive car and leavin some wannabe ricers aka VTECH or Honda dickriders, this is the motor for you.
Honda Fag: "Hmm i think your SR20DET only beat me because my Vtech didnt kick in and my fog lights didnt boost me"

240sx homie: "No i dont think having a pedo bear or spray painting your rims make you go faster"

RSX Type-S guy: "Your SR won because my interior is leather so my car doesnt accelerate fast due to that"

240sx homie: "Your car (and EVO's And WRX's) is much nicer and more expensive and still tight. Yours is more luxurious but mine is just faster."

Fags who act like they know cars: "YOUR SR20 is ONLY 2 liters that means my TRUCK ENGINE IS WAY FASTER"

240sx homie: "having more liters doesnt mean you go faster it just means your engine burns more gas and is bigger. Engine size is not everything. FAG"
by S13 Silvia Mexican May 19, 2009

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