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Screamo can be a form of raising self esteem, however this is a more dangerous way of raising self esteem. Screamo can have adverse effects on ones mental health, resulting to violence and possibly killing oneself or others, trying to prove to "their world" that they are superior. It could be considered an attack in the form of audio signals, scaring others or corrupting weaker human minds. Screamo followers can be viewed as untrustworthy people by others who dislike screamo or have never heard of it before. Most people also view screamo followers to be people who like being tortured, or torture themselves, and are possibly suicidal. Screamo song structures are generally weak and unexciting, but boast a loud voice, which is why people consider followers to have low self-esteem. By comparison musicians who have a darker side and like to play in rock bands generally aspire to become the next legendary death metal or black metal band. What these genre's have produced are some musicians which have created powerful and impressive song structures and music, leaving the impression of extremely high self-esteem.
Screamo may not have a large following, but it's effects can cause anguish to listeners.
by S.Candor September 26, 2007
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