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Terrorist who is a fanatical fascist and may be a memeber of peta, alf, elf, the humane society, or any other domestic terrorist group. These people have been in the city too long and either have brain damage or think Disney movies are real. They enjoy blowing up fur farms, fur factories, restaraunts, banks, stores, homes, etc. They see animals and humans as equal, which means they have all fallen away from God's Word, and are ignorant of Genesis 1:26. peta's elite propaganda members like to put out sexually immoral and sexist items to grab peoples attention. They also try to shock people into believing them by feeding them lies. Basicly, don't trust them or make any eye contact. They've been around animals too long and are now starting to sport animal-like behavior. Especially that ugly woman, Ingrid hitler, or whatever her name is.
"Did you hear about that arson attempt over at old man Sedgewick's fur farm?" "Yeah I heard they caught a couple of animal rights activists trying to light a match but they passed out because they were too weak from only eating vegetables."
by Rusty P Shackleford February 28, 2006
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