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A derogatory reference to people who commute into the borough of Manhattan in New York City for any social reason. Implies that the B & T person is of lower class. Term was coined by Steve Rubell of Studio 54 fame – and contrary to the above definition – it was specifically directed toward people from Queens and Staten Island. Today the term – in NY – applies to people from the outer boroughs, Long Island and New Jersey. Ironically, those who use the term Bridge and Tunnel or B & T, are generally not from New York. If you probe, you will often find out they moved to Manhattan after college from some sissy-ass suburb where they grew up.
The ABC club was uber-hot last week, but then the bridge and tunnel people showed up! (gasp) I am sooo upset... Now I'll have to sit home and study Sex and the City re-runs and figure out what Carrie would do.
by Rudolph Guiliani November 02, 2007

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