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the act of receiving a tossed salad while simultaneously getting a reach around.
"She surprised me with a creamy caesar since I thought I was only getting a tossed salad."
by Rude McDougal May 01, 2006
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A variation of the popular mangina; when you tuck your dong behind your legs, but leave your sack out front for everyone to behold. A "look Ma, no hands" version of the brain.
"Shawn creatively showed his friends a stealth missile, rather than flashing a played-out mangina."
by Rude McDougal May 03, 2006
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So your doing a chick really hard and you begin to perspire. After you blow your load you pull out your sweaty dick and slap her in her dumb face while yelling SASSAFRASS!!!!! then run home and watch Baseball Tonight.
me and marge were slapping skins and i got bored and decided to sassafrass her. right after i got my clothes on and went home to watch baseball tonight
by rude mcdougal May 04, 2006
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