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you know your from roxbury when..
-theres a swimming pool on the third floor
-the one subsitute you ask for is mr. kelly
-you walk down the halls and smelling like rotten eggs from somthing that exploded in a lab
-the old lockers pretty much dont lock
-you know who were referring to when we say kid rock
-the band/choir room was made bigger, but yet theres classes with 30 people
-you know senora and join her class randomly
-teens hang out at mcdonalds
-tuesday night is free movie night and car show at the roxbury mall
-legs spread faster than rumors
-fuddruckers is the place to hang in the winter
-you've ran across route 10 for taco bell
-half the high schoolers work at shop rite
-the toliets over flow
-and an e-coli scare
-you only get service someplaces and you know where
-every one loves bruce
-lots of girls are orange
-our rivals are randolph
-eighth grade girls are sluts, just wait till high school it all changes
-theres always drama
-and there not all rich
-theres always that one house that people hang out at
-everyones got their own clicks
-juniors get to park on righter
-everyone has a feeling the art teacher was a hippie
-only the ugly girls get in trouble for what they wear
-vitamin water labels are all over note books along with five gum
-you get kicked off computers when your on youtube
-ledgewood dunkin dounuts is where out of school kids hang out with their cars
-football games is where its at
-when it rains theres nothing to do
-woods parties
-everyone knows when you did something with someone
-the elevator gets stuck
-everyone still calls it K2
-landing and hopatcong kids work at pathmark
-you've walked to the mall in the rain
-you've walked the rail road tracks
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by Roxbury New Jersey August 15, 2008

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