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A Bukkake Ninja is an Ancient Japanese warrior that uses stealth and cunning to overtly humiliates foes by repeatedly ejaculating upon their faces.

The Bukkake Ninjas used this extreme form of Bukkake to ridicule their opponents in battle. It was common in battle for foes to die by drowning in the ejaculate. This had the effect of demoralizing enemy combatants, while pacifying and assimilating the native females. The conquered females realized the impotence of their male populace as compared to the Bukkake Ninja, thus succumbing and submitting to the power of this rare breed of Ninjas warrior; forcing the dominated males to long periods of Cuckold-dom.
1. "Dude, you’re an insane Bukkake Ninja for what you did to that Pluff’s Mom!"

2. "I'm going to cum all over your face like a Bukkake Ninja!"

3. "I’m a Bukkake Ninja, they never saw me coming."

In Feudal Japan, there was an elevated level of Ninja called a Bukkake Ninja; these were the most feared of all Ninjas, due to their ability to be silent, invisible humiliation warriors. A Bukkake Ninja had standard Ninja training but is said to have had an additional 10 years of exceptionally rigorous training to develop the ability to produce massive streams of ejaculate with very short recovery periods. This ejaculate when produced was then sprayed over their victims face and torsos often without said victim knowing what hit them. They were renowned to have very short recovery periods before inflicting another round of overt humiliation.
by Rowtiger April 05, 2012
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