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A person with a low level of intelligence enrolled in what is called a fast forward program.

They smoke, smell bad, are greasy, crusty and the weather has no effect on them.
Person 1: Look at those fasties out there in the snow smoking! It must be so cold!

Person 2: Foolish niner, don't you know fasties are immune to all weather conditions?
by Roro-Retaliation October 01, 2007

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A new clique, but a rare one that isn't found at every school. You may consider randomers immature but they can't help it, just like emo's can't help being pussies. Randomers do not use stupid words like 'cheese' and 'monkey'. An example of a Randomer's behaviour will be one or two randomers walking in silence and all of a sudden one will stop roll on the ground and yell they are craving something bizarre like kleenex. It doesn't matter how many people there are around they just do it, it's not attention seeking and it's not retarded, it's true randomness. Another example is a group of people will be talking about something semi-serious like clothes or grades and a randomer will pop in and yell a remark in a different language about donkeys or roof shingles. Randomers dress however they please, from pink and yellow to a brown shirt and orange pants, they are not colour co-ordinated and don't give a damn. Hopefully I've given you an idea of what a randomer is, remember they aren't retarded or attention seeking, they're USB MODE avec el padre.
No, I'm not talking about those geeky girls who go:

Girl #1: Cheese puffs!

Girl #2: Monkeys swimming in pancake mix! <--- This stuff is immature, almost always unattractive girls craving attention

And no I'm not talking about the wanna be randomers who go

Wannabe: Purple monkey dishwashers flying through the sixth dimension abroad five toads and last weeks candles

Thats just dumb
by Roro-Retaliation May 23, 2006

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