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Kenwood is a small neighborhood right outside of the Washington D.C. in Chevy Chase, Md. It was originally founded as a farm in the 18th century and was later established as neighborhood. It is one of the country's finest and expensive neighborhoods with home prices between 5 to 17 million dollars. Chevy Chase, based on per capita income, is the richest community in the Country. While it is often believed that Greenwich or Westport is the Mecca of haute coutre and the center of White Judeo-Protestant wealth, Chevy Chase residents exceed their combined aggregate income by 9 figures.
High home prices are primarily due to large mansion style houses on that are on prime property because of proximity to D.C. Average price per 1 acre parcel is about 2.7 million dollars. The neighborhood borders Kenwood Country Club which is an exclusive country club that is open to membership by invite and recommendation only. Many years after world war II a Japanese ambassador lived in Kenwood and donated hundreds of Cherry Tree's to the neighborhood, and every spring they are in full bloom for a week and attract large international crowds for viewing.
speaker 1: "Hey where do you live"
speaker 2: "I live in Kenwood"
speaker 1: "wow, what company are you the CEO of?"
by Ronald Stetland December 02, 2006

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